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Artist Ramdesh Kaur- is a Kundalini yoga teacher, writer and radio personality. Author of “Yoga and Mantras for a Whole Heart” and blogger for Spirit Voyage, she also hosts the popular show “Spirit Voyage Radio with Ramdesh” on Unity.FM, reaching over 20,000 listeners a month. Her best-selling guided meditation CDs “Stress Relief Meditations”, “Relaxation Meditations” and “Journey into Stillness” top the charts.

Ramdesh has taught Kundalini Yoga and meditation everywhere from the foothills of the Himalayas (where she once lived and taught in an ashram) to the suburbs of New Jersey.  She also hosts Spirit Voyage’s 40 Day Global Sadhanas, a program she created which now brings together over 20,000 people in 86 countries to practice Kundalini yoga and meditation.  She leads retreats and workshops internationally to connect people to their own inner wisdom, teaching with such musicians as Ashana, Nirinjan Kaur, Jai-Jagdeesh and Harnam. She has a Master’s Degree from the Courtauld Institute in London and works with Spirit Voyage as the Director of Marketing.  She has been featured in Yoga Actuell in Germany and Austria and in Yoga Journal and LAYoga in the US.

“Ramdesh personifies the way in which conscious living can co-exist with a packed 21st century professional schedule.” — Yoga Journal
“Ramdesh is a great teacher and truly walks the talk. Every time I am in communication with her I come away feeling uplifted whether it be a face to face meeting, phone conversation or email message. This to me is divinity in action!“ — GuruGanesha Singh

“Kundalini’s Lightening Bolt!” — Where Is My Guru

Ramdesh Kaur-Journey into StillnessCD Journey into Stillness Ramdesh Kaur guides you through each meditation, gently taking you on a journey into your self, your spirit, and the beautiful soul of stillness. Each meditation is designed to enhance the quality of the mantra that supports it, taking you deeper into the meaning and experience of the mantra and your own self. Featuring the music of Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, Jai-Jagdeesh, and Ram Dass behind Ramdesh`s smooth voice, this CD will leave you in a state of inner peace and ultimate stillness.

“From one moment into the next, with gentle strength and great compassion, Ramdesh guides you deeper into the essence of each mantra, into this realm where you can completely surrender and receive its infinite blessings.” —

Executive Producer: Karan Khalsa
Produced by: Ram Dass Khalsa
Recorded at: Epiphany Studios in Richmond, CA
Vocals: Ramdesh Kaur

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