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Artist Paul Vens Bio: In his early years as a child, Paul discovered the magic of nature and started looking for ways to express these experiences. When he was ten years old, he played his first chords on a self-made wooden guitar. Later painting and writing also became ways of expressing his experiences. Between 1990/2000 he made three albums: “Promise”, “Aquarius” and “Son to the Father”. These albums have mainly very open, clear, instrumental work. Very special is the way he creates silence between the notes. The longing for pure freedom of creativity finally pushed him in the direction of his own independent music label. Now, already seven albums have been released through this label, as well as a couple of booklets and prints of his paintings. You could characterize Paul’s music as fine, light and peaceful. Love for life, for natures are important ingredients of his songs.

At the end of the last century Paul discovers the Tibetan Singing Bowls through a friendship with an old priest. The Tibetan Singing Bowls have thereafter played an important role in his musical journey; they have become part of his music and concerts. The Singing Bowls are known to be able to shift one’s presence from thinking to feeling and Paul has had special experiences in using these bowls in ‘experiencing sound’ workshops with the mentally handicapped. In Holland and Belgium Paul writes articles for New Age Magazines about the Tibetan Singing Bowls, Music and Nature.

Paul Vens & Friends play their music for Dutch Radio Stations and they have concerts in France, Germany, Belgium and Holland.


CD Timeless Love, Ode to Arthur van Schendel: Dutch writer Arthur van Schendel, is great storyteller and his stories are very often a confirmation of a desire for “Timeless Love”. His work is romantic, free from judgement, serene, wise and gives images of cultures of the past. It seems like the material world, the dream, the fantasy and the spiritual life is all one. It all belongs, with no borders, to the reality of life! With this Album I want to try to awaken forgotten images, so they can once again be a part of our lives, and I want to say thank you to a very great storyteller. Paul Vens: Vocals, guitar, keyboards, Herman Verheijen: flutes, Peter van den Bos: Violin. Nelleke Brzoskowski: Female Vocals And special thanks to the family of Arthur van Schendel. Info about the writer:

Hoes Voorkant SerenityCD “Serenity, voice of the Heart”: Musician and composer, Paul Vens presents his amazing and insightful album ‘Serenity, Voice of the Heart. Only love songs ! What is it that so moves one when experiencing the beauty and uniqueness of Nature? Serenity in form and its underlying intensity and strength. It is there, where our visual perception ends, that we must begin to listen. Abandoning oneself to within and without. Paul Vens & Friends play in the fields and meadows, listening to the universal voice of the heart. In de celestial and earthly landscapes of nature.

Daughters-of-lightCD Daughters of Light: You find on this album six very nice compositions with Singing Bowls. These Bowls, which are made in the Himalaya, gave me a lot of deep and peaceful feelings. Between the Singing Bowls tracks there are instrumental pieces with guitar or piano. I learned from the wonderful sound that there is a positive effect on the area and on yourself too. It is possible that people can be touched in a very kind en special way only by listening to the Singing Bowls. Maybe you feel nature, other people, the place where you live on an other level of your soul. The instrumental pieces are inspired on the sound of the Singing Bowls.

Hoes Words in Time 600 x 800CD Words in Time: This album describes the mysterious journey to Aurora, and in atmospheric and timeless imagery, Love is honoured in songs such as ‘Mystic of love’ and ‘In the Cellar of my Home’. You are called upon to listen to the oldest wisdom about the limits of time and space in ‘The Messengers’. A beautiful evocation of a past era can be heard in ‘The Whistler’ and distinctive landscapes visualised whilst listening to ‘Aurora’, the southern lights. There is also music that brings to mind a carefree winter’s day in town on this descriptive album. Acoustic guitar, violin, flute and the voice of Hanneke add harmony and warmth to all the songs.

earliest-lightEarliest Light Album: This collection of Lovesongs helped the singer to become closer to his own earliest light. Titles like: ‘Letter to the Seraf’ and ‘Seems we know each other so long’ are beautifully arranged and sung lovesongs with guitar, violin and organ. You will discover on this album also a song of JJ cale and a song written by Bob Dylan. Probably this is the most emotional Album Paul ever made. Honest and pure.

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