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Artist Mother Turtle Bio: (a.k.a Marsia Shuron Harris),Marsia performs solo and with the band Songs are rooted in personal growth, social consciousness, love and a larger vision for the world as a whole. Blending soul, rock, acoustic and jazz, Mother Turtle attracts a variety of music fans and people of all ages dance to the infectious rhythms. The Union News calls her music, “inspirational.” Her voice is distinctive and even vocal virtuoso Martin Sexton says that Marsia has ‘the deepest, darkest, most delicious voice.’ In the summer of 2004, Marsia formed Mother Turtle, where she is songwriter and front woman for the band. Lead guitarist Atticus Robbins, brings a unique mix of Latin, reggae and rock to the group, while drummer Ade Bayo an accomplished African drummer lays down the groove. On bass is the exceptional, Peter Kim, who’s solid bass lines keep the music upbeat and danceable. Each member of Mother Turtle brings something very different to the group, resulting in music that moves not only your hips but your heart as well.

CD: Rise Up Women, Earth StoryCD: Rise Up Women, Earth Story A rock and soul stew, simmered in smokey vocals, flavored w/a touch of yesterday and topped off with a very tasty groove.

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