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Artist Lisa Rafel Bio: Lisa is a “sound healing” educator, songwriter and singer with four CD’s and numerous recordings. She is the founder of Resonant Sounds, LLC, an organization that supports heartfelt connection between new parents and their babies through the use of intentional music. Lisa is also an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, chantress, author and poet. Her transformative programs focus on self-healing techniques using modern scientific principles mixed with practices from ancient and indigenous cultures. Benefiting from her 30 years of acting experience, Lisa is a dynamic speaker. She presents at professional conferences internationally on the use of sound as a tool for health and healing. Lisa has two children and six grandchildren.

Artist Gary Malkin Bio: Gary is an Emmy® award-winning composer, producer, performer, and public speaker. As a composer for numerous award-winning television and film projects for nearly thirty years, Gary is known for working on socially responsible media projects featuring themes such as the environment, tolerance, children’s welfare, cancer, and global healing. He is the co-creator of the acclaimed CD/gift book, Graceful Passages, released by his media production company, Wisdom of the World, which offers aesthetic ways to help face life transitions with mindfulness, presence, and compassion. He is also currently launching a new short format film series for emotional and spiritual integration, WisdomFilms™ – Media for Human Being. Gary has served as Artistic Director for the Quest for Global Healing international conferences, (which featured Archbishop Desmond Tutu, among other Nobel Laureates) and performed on the stage of the Great Hall of China. An in-demand public speaker, he has presented at places such as Harvard’s Conference on Spirituality and Health, Scripps Clinic, and UCSF Medical School. Gary has a daughter currently attending college.

SAFE cover and cdCD: Safe in the Arms of Love is a unique resource for new parents, combining breakthrough “bonding music” and vital information. This exquisitely illustrated book provides the information parents need to lovingly bond with their baby. Safe in the Arms of Love also includes a companion CD of beautiful original music that is psycho-acoustically designed to have positive intentional effects on both the mind and emotional state of the parents.

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