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Artist Jenna Greene Bio: “The Greene Lady”, is a Celtic singer-songwriter and harpist, a weaver of myth and magic. Her songs are inspired by the essence of ancient lore: the quest to follow one’s own dreams and a child-like wonder toward life. Crossroads, Jenna’s debut album, is a collection of original songs. Each one is a journey, inviting the listener to explore the realm of ancient nature mythology, the wisdom of our ancestors, and how that wisdom can heal our planet and ourselves. She is currently working on her second album Wild Earth Child which she describes as an “ecstatic celebration of Nature’s dance.”

These new songs explore the broader world of myth, incorporating Celtic, African, Spanish and Middle-Eastern influences. You can find Jenna performing at holistic healing, eco-spiritual, environmental, faerie and Goddess festivals as well as Celtic and Renaissance faires all over the Northeast US. She interlaces her ethereal ballads, drum-driven songs and powerful chants with funny anecdotes and sing-alongs while accompanying herself on harp and percussion. Her husband Doug joins her on bodhran, Irish whistle and Native American flutes. New England folk guitarists, drummers and didgeridoo players often make guest appearances.

greenelady-wildearthchildCD: Wild Earth Child– Wild Earth Child is a collection of songs celebrating oneness with nature, myth, magic, hope and healing.



crossroads_thumbCD: Crossroads-“Her ethereal music is inspired by Celtic lore and nature myth. She believes both nature and music are powerful healers. Fused together, her music will take you on a journey to sacred groves, standing stones and places of beauty within yourself.”

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