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Artist Greta Bro Bio: Greta is singer, songwriter, sound healer, shaman, multi-media performance artist, writer and poet. Greta’s original compositions draw on inspirational music genres, such as, Brazilian, island, reggae, sacred jazz and world pop. Her lyrics explore the human condition with rare insight and compassion.  Greta’s accomplished and soulful vocal style blends a range of technique including sacred vocal improvisation that arises naturally from her twenty-five years experience as a sound healer and turns her performances into transformational and moving multi-media events. Larry Katz of the Boston Herald reviewed Greta’s album Love’s Song, saying, “”Love’s Song, smooth and easy mix of original Brazilian, jazz and pop is beguiling enough, but it’s the unforced sincerity and soulfulness of Greta Bro’s voice that will touch you deep inside. Absolutely lovely.” Whether in small clubs or large festivals, on college campuses or community concerts, Greta’s intensely personal performance style, inspired lyrics and sensual, world sound has created a strong and lasting rapport with audiences in the US, Sweden, France and Brazil.

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GRETA BRO Love’s Song

13 TracksGreta Bro’s CD, Love’s Song (all lyrics and most of the music written by Bro, some in collaboration with a circle of friends), is at once haunting, sultry, sexy, and swaying with pleasing rhythms throughout (produced and engineered expertly by John Hicks).

Rife with cool and interesting instrumentation, solo riffs surprise and delight me—check out the melodica, ukulele, flute, and percussion of all sorts, including a tabla; there’s trumpet, cello, really smooth sax, and maybe, just to tickle your imagination, birdsong!

Bro’s songs stand out, each quite different from the one before; they call me over to her party. I’ve listened to them over and over since lifting the CD from my sister’s shelf without permission. I pour a glass of wine, close my eyes, and move myself into another place, into Greta Bro’s world. I let my head tilt from side to side. It’s a very smooth ride; I love it.

So, where’s it been hiding—or maybe I’m the only one who hadn’t heard it? (Iowa’s Frances-Ann)

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