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Artist Cornell Kinderknecht Bio: Timeless sound for a contemporary world… Music that can move the heart, take you on an exhilarating ride and then set you down gently and sweetly right where you need to be… Cornell Kinderknecht’s instrumental music has that power to let you lose yourself in bliss with its melodies, tone colors and beauty.  Allow yourself to take that ride.  You’ll be glad you did.

CornellContHi2000x3000Cornell is an award-winning world flutes and reeds virtuoso whose style draws from his experience in world, Classical, folk and pop, bringing a new and fresh flavor to instrumental and world genres.  His original compositions and playing have been described as soothing, soaring, haunting, and playful with influences of Native America, the Middle East, India, and the Far East. His music has taken him to performances at the prestigious Carnegie Hall, the magnificent amphitheater built into the 2000-foot red rock cliffs of Zion Canyon, the underground “Cave Without A Name,” and the AT&T Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Cornell’s music can be heard in film, television series and advertising.
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Digipak 4P 1CDCD Dreamtime: The flowing melodies and subtle harmonies of Cornell Kinderknecht’s flutes, reeds and keyboards blend with the moving rhythms of Martin McCall’s drums and percussion to take you to a place where all things are possible – a place where you can be at peace while feeling energized – a place of mystique and wonder – a place of fantasy where you can play and let your imagination run free…   Together, Cornell and Martin create a collection of instrumental music that is equally poignant as it is bold. It’s the perfect music for listening while at the same time, you can zone out and chill with it, get up and move with it, or let it accompany you on a long road trip. Whether it be the grounding earthy songs like Gecko, the mind-opening vastness of Big Sky, the astral exploration of Orion and Voyager, or the quiet longing of One Summer, each song on this work has the power to engage on multiple levels.

Digipak 4P 1CDCD Nightfall: Nightfall envelops you in its gentle, peaceful, quiet embrace. Hear the voice of one of the most ancient musical instruments, the flute, as it fills your heart and soul. Using Native American flute, bansuri, ocarina, Irish whistle, and bamboo flute, Cornell Kinderknecht weaves enchanting melodies and soaring harmonies with finesse and grace into a beautiful, rich fabric. In Nightfall, Cornell presents a synergistic instrumental album that blends elements of Western, Asian, Native and Classical music into a unique meditative, relaxing, chill out, magical trip, through that time between the shadows of twilight and dawn, when all things are possible.  From the lilting melodies of tracks like Painted Sky, Genesis and Santa Fe Sunset, on to the deeply touching songs like Mother’s Hands, and into the ambient sounds of Nightfall and Mystic Heart, the listener is drawn into every breath and tone.


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