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Carrie RowanArtist: Carrie Rowan is an Award Winning Singer/Songwriter with four highly acclaimed CDs.  She is available for concerts and listening rooms, festivals and family music shows.  She has opened for many national acts and shared the stage with well-known contemporaries throughout New England and beyond.

Carrie is also available to perform as a solo, duo or full band for coffeehouses, libraries and festival for both adult listeners and family centered concerts in addition to speaking engagements.

Author, Coach, Singer/Songwriter and inspiring speaker Carrie Rowan keynotes are motivational, informative and eye-opening. Carrie will captivate your audience with her insight and personal experiences. What makes her talks so unique and captivating is the use of live music throughout the talk. She uses her original songs to exemplify points at poignant moments which brings the emotional impact straight to the listener’s heart. This helps the audience to easily have breakthrough and ah-ah moments during her presentations. Her lively and enthusiastic delivery is sure to delight audiences and captivate their attention while she weaves a melodic and moving story to inspire and empower your audience to tell a new and empowering story.

After a successful ten-year climb up the corporate ladder, I assessed the view from above, took a deep breath and decided to jump. Landing softly on my piano bench, I was comforted by the sentiments that floated inside me longing to be a rhythmic wave of melody. I traded in the navy power suit and fancy wheels in search of the missing rung that has revealed itself in words and music. After experiencing unconditional love and unfathomable loss in my life, I have found my voice with an even stronger yearning. My fingers forged a second home dancing on my Martin in the evenings as my newborn children slept. I am very blessed and grateful to have found my passion…to live my dream of having the courage to share my private thoughts and emotions in hopes of connecting to a collective compilation of human spirit along this harmonic journey we call life. Thank you for your support!

Carrie Rowan Almost Home CDCD: Almost Home  “I’ve listened to Almost Home a number of times and think it’s really well done…introspective, sincere, melodic, sweetly sung…some excellent melodies that stick.  All the songs weave together in such a tapestry of emotions.” John Ims, Hit Songwriter (“She’s in Love with the Boy”)

“Carrie Rowan may not be flashy, but Almost Home is like comfort food for the musical soul.  You’ll keep coming back. Wildy Haskell

“Carrie is able to take adversity or joy and turn either of them into beauty in the form of songs –a rare gift.  Carrie is a spiritual being with a seemingly endless creative reservoir, and she always amazes me with her simultaneous dedication to her family and her life as a singer/songwriter.” Oen Kennedy in an article by Marguerite Paolino, Baystate Parent Magazine 9/08

“Just listened to Carrie Rowan’s CD:  Almost Home. The sweet soulful music with elegance and style is thought provoking and mellow like Sunday!  The songs and vocals are smart, sincere and the mature, artistic expression of a budding artist blooming with talent.”  Charles Sorrento, Professor at Berklee College of Music

Carrie Rowan Stefilia’s Stone CDCD: Stefilia’s Stone Together, Carrie Rowan and Adrienne Ghilani create a dynamic display of original music infusing classical piano style with finger picked guitar, smothered with lyrical finesse, served up with a splash of indie, adult contemporary, and modern folk with a pinch of funk.  All nestled beneath a layer of feminine harmonies that will lift you up to the heavens and remind you, angels do exist.

You will hear their influences wash over the top of their original music like a warm summer breeze across your skin.  Subtle hints of:  Bach, Shawn Colvin, Tori Amos, Carole King, Jewel and Karla Bonoff will tickle your senses as they meld these flavors in a tasteful display of colors.

The synergy created by this combination of talents can be felt by audiences all around New England.  Check out their growing gig schedule to find out where they are leaving a great impression next.

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