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12-12-18  Applying the Olympian Mindset to Your Work & Life

With Martha Henderson, 2008 Olympian

When you have big dreams or goals why should life or business be any different than an Olympic Journey? In today’s episode, Martha shares her journey to the Olympic Games –the ups and downs, failures and successes along the way. You will learn that the Olympian journey is about doing something every day that makes you a little bit better to get you a little bit closer to the goal. It will show you how to become resilient against the fears others project on to you and stay the course to success.

Why don’t you make the decision to pursue success today?

About Martha

Through her entire career Martha has inspired and led teams to achieve and succeed beyond their expectations. One of her greatest achievements was representing Canada with her sailing team at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. In business, Martha led projects in sports and promotional marketing, many of which are still in market many years later. She worked with Canada’s top athletes, managing the endorsements and paid appearances of Canadian Champions, World Champions and Olympic Gold Medalists allowing them to pursue their dreams in sport and beyond. Conflicted by the desire for excellence and becoming better every day which inspired Martha through her Olympic journey and the bureaucracy and monotony of a 9-5 office job, she decided to become an entrepreneur and help others become better every day.

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