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Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network announces their “Wisdom Bites” Program

In an uncertain world we all want to feel loved, safe and heard…why we created with INTENTION our Wisdom Bites Program of inspiration so we all feel more comforted.

Our message is one of unity and community. The universe is immense, and yet when we learn self love we realize all people, plants and animals are interconnected through One Intelligence. Yet we need to be reminded of this Source of Love. We are meant to celebrate, create, and come together in life with compassion, joy and gratitude.

So enjoy what we share, may our Wisdom Bites elevate your thoughts, soothe your heart and feed your soul!

D7RN’s short video clips of inspiration are created from our incredibly wise radio host family. They consist of Medical Doctors who are focused on Integrative Health and Mind-Body-Spirit. We have Shamans, Teachers, Psychic Mediums, Animal Communicators, After Life and Dream Experts, and Sustainable Living. Many of our radio hosts are authors and hold certifications in a number of modalities. It’s all about listening and learning, taking in what resonates and applying so we can all have more meaningful lives with less stress.

One may listen on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network’s YouTube Live Channel as well as on our Radio Station Player by going to and clicking our YouTubeLive icon in the Menu. Get our Google Play or Apple App for Wisdom Bites on the go..

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is a Holistic Boston based syndicated Internet Radio Station of 11 years and the Media Partner for the Omega Institute. The mission of the Station is to facilitate the enlightenment of humankind by providing a global platform for holistic and healing programs that educate listeners bringing them conscious awareness of their inner light so that ever growing numbers of people may learn to live with joy, love, peace and ease. Local, National and International with listenership in over 160 countries

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