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After Annette Rugolo attended the Reilly School of Massage, doors quickly opened to many other therapies. Her practice includes massage therapy, cranial sacral therapy, Reiki, yoga and qigong. Annette became enthralled with the idea of energy and how it moves through our bodies. Where does it come from, what makes it move or not move and how do we harness it?

Her search for answers took her to many books, seminars, and conferences. She began finding some answers but also more questions: how do our thoughts create energy? can our thoughts make us sick? how do we release unwanted energy? what are the principles of the universe and how do we learn how to use them?  If we stay awake, there are solutions that are being given to us for each challenge we face, both on an individual level and as a global society.  Annette’s passion is to help people see this as the exciting time it is… a chance to use what is given us to transform ourselves and our world. She has joined Marie Diamond and her company, Double Happiness Productions, taking joy in bringing transformational tools to the world. She has been teaching Marie’s Inner Diamond classes since 2001 and her Diamond Dowsing classes since 2005.  In January 2007, Annette became Vice President of Marie’s company.

Show 10-30-08 

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