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Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Andrew Michael Esq. author of Soul Pals; Keep Your Eyes on the Rise who uses story and animal characters Soul Pals to illustrate the environmental and cultural challenges facing earth and its inhabitants and to posit a solution to those challenges-raising consciousness. Andrew shows us that Earth is in peril. Severe droughts parch some areas while torrential rains flood others: gargantuan wildfires consume whole territories and freakish ice storms crash on city grids. These and other environmental stresses are flaming human conflict and harming our health and the well-being of the animal kingdom. We will explore these environmental and cultural challenges facing Earth and its inhabitants and try to find viable solutions by raising consciousness and encouraging hope. Andrew describes Soul Pals and as a modern day Aesop exposing his view of the Earth in peril through severe droughts rains floods wildfires ice storms and other environmental stresses flaming human conflict and inflaming the health and well being of the animal kingdom.

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