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08-27-21 ANA: Joanne Louise Hardy

In 2014, an incredible woman shared her life-story in exchange for the promise that a novel would be crafted from the remarkable events she had lived through. Holding nothing back, she candidly shared her experiences, truths, and wisdom, offering her life to the world as a compassionate message of hope. In this touching narrative, we discover a girl from Nottingham, England, who knew hardship all too well. Yearning to find freedom and to live a life filled with love, Ana scours her world for an anchor to cling to and a path to lead her out of turmoil. But, as happens when we find we are the only ones who can truly save ourselves, Ana discovers she must dig deep to face the wounds of her past. Through this powerful novel, ANA portrays a universal truth with grace: no matter how dark life can get, with love in our hearts we can find the courage and strength to rise up from even the most challenging experiences. There is always light at the end of the tunnel for anyone that strives to reach it.

Joanne Louise Hardy is a writer and management consultant, working as director of, and advisor to James Redfield since 2017. Keenly interested in the Human Potential Movement, Joanne writes with the mission of contributing to our Conscious Evolution by exploring life situations, human emotions, and the path to enlightened living. Originally from Nottingham, England, Joanne now lives in rural France with her two daughters and two dogs.

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