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12-18-17 An Insider’s Peek: Yin & Yang Nutrition for Dogs

This week’s show will be a first as Dr. Judy welcomes her husband, Hue Grant, to talk about their new book; Yin & Yang Nutrition for Dogs.  You already know of Dr. Judy’s passion for healing her patients with whole foods while minimizing medications and chemicals.  Now tune in as she’s joined by the remarkable man with whom she shares her home along with their 7 spaniels, 4 cats, 4 horses and 8 chickens.  Born in Amarillo, Texas, Hue is a renowned architect by trade but also an accomplished cook, author and integral partner to Dr. Judy’s many activities, travels, workshops, podcasts and books.  You’ve probably heard his whispers from behind the camera on Dr. Judy’s daily live Breakfast with Spaniels broadcast on Facebook so now you’ll get to hear both of them openly discuss the hours they shared in creating their new book – from preparations for the beautiful recipe photos to the clear and simple illustrations used to clarify the basic principles.  This will be a memorable show so be sure to tune in to hear more from this beloved couple.

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