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01-20-20 Look for Surprise visits with Adam’t Gardener 1st Living Segment: Adam’s Lamentations, Come Take the Plant based Challenge

This 1st Living Segment .. Adam’s lamentations, Starting Year 2020 …

Come take the Plant based Challenge

Adam’t is in the HOUSE (Host Adam’t Gardener )  ~ who will be joining Debara.

Debara & I were doing some deep house cleaning a couple of months ago. We had boxes of this and that and in the bottom of one filled with a clippings from whatever was this “Cartoon” drawing that dates all the way back to, I think the late 1980’s . It’s just amazing to me … the names of the drugs may have changed over the years but the Intent is still here. When will we Awaken to our awful sate of Suffering and Lamentation. We are in .. And Truthfully …GET OFF DRUGS , AMERICA!!!

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