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01-22-20 A Special Show with Three of The Paper Doll Kids and Singers of Kids for Love Song.

Dreyla Sequeira now 11, talks about Saving the Planet and Climate Change

Cara Iafrate, now 9, talks about saving the White Polar Bears

Taylen Sequeira now 8, talks about saving Frogs of all kinds

Delight your kids with an enchanting journey by reading The Paper Doll Kids Children’s Book by Deborah Beauvais and Janine Sullivan. There’s even a catchy tune “Kids for Love Song” produced by Bob Sherwood and sung by kids just like yours. The story weaves around 7 Paper Dolls flying around the world doing good deeds, as they bring important attention to our endangered animal friends. There’s even a magical ring with a universal message. Kids become interested in service projects, action through compassion and planting seeds that nurture positive change. The Paper Doll Kids and “Kids for Love Song” are a production of the Kids 4 Love Project. Get the Book now on Amazon Kindle and the Song on CD Baby or iTunes.

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