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A Poem by Janine Ouellette Sullivan

no one or thing can ease the withering
of a lonesome soul
accept the echo within the empty forest,
crashing of wave upon ancient stone.

it is in the heart of nature’s solitude
where spirit gathers resolve to
hear the calling forth of destiny.
a beacon at dawns light.

a screeching snowy owl,
crackling, frozen grass under foot,
a brisk wind that steals one’s breath
only to replace it, renewed.

a much needed transfusion
sauntering at Sachusest.
quarter moon sits with Venus and Mars
marking January’s southern sky.

a ray of orange lines the horizon
far beyond Buzzards Bay.
icy temperatures challenge a dual –
who possesses the deepest chill?

numbness cascades the weakened mind
there is complacency,
desensitized by burden –
the unacceptable boils lethargic blood. Dual over!

another day commences
with goals, dreams, new ideas
sun; moon with two companions
light the sky together for a few moments.

three deer gaze over the tall grassy field
night surrenders to day
this seems to signal another chance
to live fully.

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