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10-16-17  A Passion for Natural Healing

This week, Dr. Morgan welcomes a friend, holistic therapist, natural healing advocate, and fellow Cavalier lover, Marita Tilley, who will be speaking from London, UK.  Marita started her career as a Personal Assistant on a live television program for children, where she worked for 13 years. After starting her family, she then re-trained, and worked as a therapist for seventeen years. Marita also founded the Natural Health School of Complimentary Therapies, which ran for seven years, training hundreds of students to become holistic therapists.  Her passion for natural healing supports her belief that the body will, in many cases, heal itself without drugs, given the chance and the right set up.  Her affection and dedication to the Cavalier breed and its health concerns led Marita to start a Facebook group page, The Healthy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The focus of the page is support and education, in a venue where members can share ideas to keep their Cavaliers in the best health possible – naturally. Whether or not you have a Cavalier, you won’t want to miss this show, as Dr. Morgan and Marita share their love and experience with their beloved breed, as well as the natural therapies they use to support them.

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