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Evolutionary Love Relationships: Andrew Harvey

03-20-17 Evolutionary Love Relationships: Andrew Harvey A template for more enheartened, authentic love relationships, AND invites couples and other significant pairings (friends, business colleagues) to move their powerful relational energy into the world to effect...

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Speaking With Nature: Sandra Ingerman

02-27-17    Speaking With Nature: Sandra Ingerman Nature and the Earth are conscious. They speak to us through our dreams, intuition, and deep longings. By opening our minds, hearts, and senses we can consciously awaken to the magic of the wild, the rhythms of nature,...

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The Stress Solution: Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli

02-20-17    The Stress Solution: Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli Contemporary life has come to include 1. working too much, 2. sleeping too little, and 3. feeling disconnected from partners and family (largely because of 1 and 2.) Our health and relationships suffer (as does...

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JP Sears: Being Ultra-Spiritual

02-13-17    JP Sears: Being Ultra-Spiritual Perhaps our ability to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously is what increases our spiritual growth. JP Sears is going to show you how to be Ultra Spiritual but first you have to know that being Ultra...

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Sister Giant – Marianne Williamson

02-06-17    Sister Giant - Marianne Williamson In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Politics should be sacred.” Sacred doesn’t necessarily mean religious – it means stemming from the deepest part of ourselves. The search for authenticity, for our deep humanity, should not...

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Marc Allen: The Magical Path

01-30-17    Marc Allen: The Magical Path The magical, the mystical, the spiritual — all are interlinked. Magical practice connects with spiritual power; the results can be startling, and can happen quickly — that’s why it’s called a short path. The process is a...

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The Technology of Sound: Ted Winslow

01-23-17    The Technology of Sound: Ted Winslow Sound Sync Technologies™ is a Scientifically proven sound healing technology developed by Ted Winslow. Ted invented this specialized sound healing music after 25 years of research and development of healing Solfeggio...

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Igniting Greatness: Howard Glasser

01-16-17    Igniting Greatness: Howard Glasser Over the years, Howard Glasser noticed that applying the principles and practices of the Nurtured Heart Approach to himself, a mode he knew to be most effective at bringing forth a child's greatness, had a surprising and...

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Eliminating Mental Suffering: Dr. Jeffrey Fidel

01-02-17   Eliminating Mental Suffering: Dr. Jeffrey Fidel Jeffrey R. Fidel, MD refuses to live his life medicated for Bipolar I disorder. In near complete solitude, he endured nearly a full year of intense mental anguish. Utilizing mainly the ancient teachings of Lao...

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Gordana Biernat: Knowing Who You Are

12-19-16  Gordana Biernat: Knowing Who You Are Thinker, Seeker and Explorer of the Physical Reality. Born on 11/11 at 11:11. At the age of eleven, Gordana realised that the stars in the heavens and the stars in her mind were made of the same “stuff”. This truth...

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Rise Sister Rise: Rebecca Campbell

12-12-16  Rise Sister Rise: Rebecca Campbell Rise Sister Rise is for the women who agreed at soul level to be here at this stage in history to lead this global shift that the mystics of all of the ages have predicted: the return of the mother and the rise of the...

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Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker on Joy

11-28-16   Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker on Joy Return to Joy is a compelling and potent invitation to the reader to consider that joy is the ultimate nature of reality and that its absence lies at the root of the current, unprecedented global crisis. In this book,...

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The Art of Uncertainty: Dennis Merritt Jones

11-21-16   The Art if Uncertainty: Dennis Merritt Jones The Art of Uncertainty is about learning to use our time spent in this Earth School wisely. Regardless of your level of education, the school of life itself is always in session. As we make living in the mystery...

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Belonging to God: Will Keepin

11-13-16   Belonging to God: Will Keepin A breathtaking exploration of divine love in Christianity, Islam and Hinduism―and the writings of leading mystics from these traditions―culminating in a glorious universal path of love that is illuminated equally by modern...

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Marianne Williamson: Tears to Triumph

10-31-16   Marianne Williamson: Tears to Triumph Marianne Williamson is a bestselling author, world-renowned teacher, and one of the most important spiritual voices of our time. In Tears to Triumph, she argues that we—as a culture and as individuals—have learned to...

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The New Divine Feminine: Meghan Don

10-24-16   The New Divine Feminine: Meghan Don Embracing the archetypal truths of sacred womanhood with Meghan Don. Bringing forward Gnostic and mystical teachings, Meghan Don shows you how to work with the seven faces of the Divine Feminine: the light and dark...

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Science of Mind… 90 years and the Path Forward

10-17-16   Science of Mind... 90 years and the Path Forward  Science of Mind is a guide for spiritual living published monthly. Themes include inner peace, hope, healing, guidance, and others. The magazine features articles that draw together secular philosophy, the...

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When Did You Die? – Temple Hayes

10-03-16  When Did You Die? - Temple Hayes Energetically speaking, people of all ages are dying inside every day. Too many people have come to accept dying while they are living as a way of life and this book aims to change that. When Did You Die? takes the reader on...

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The Path to Wealth – May McCarthy

09-26-16  The Path to Wealth - May McCarthy A clear path to wealth and abundance in just 30 minutes a day! In today’s economy, it’s more important than ever to get clear about your personal and professional goals- and to commit to a plan that will get you there. In...

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Dark Gold – Carolyn Baker

09-19-16  Dark Gold - Carolyn Baker We will closely examine both the personal shadow with which we all must contend individually and the collective shadow to which the personal shadows of some seven billion people contribute. The influence of both on the human species...

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