Exploring a Transformational Lifestyle

02-06-17   Exploring a Transformational Lifestyle

The Second Genesis Awakening Show will Explore a Transformational Lifestyle we call A Second Genesis Life & Times. Your Host, Debara Bruhn Towt is going to be put on the HotSeat…being Interviewed by Adam’t Gardener visionary for America’s Medicine Wheels and creator of www.TheHumanAccelerator.org website. Debara’s excited to Share this Journey her life has been as it Continues to Unfold in an everyday lifestyle that is filled with the Phenomenal and Miraculous. Debara says this is one of her favorite shows.

An Introduction to the Second Genesis Birth

01-23-17 An Introduction to the Second Genesis Birth

Explore the Possibilities…available right here…right now…to take Actions Intended to place us into a Flow of Life and Consciousness never known before. It is Empowering to Experience these Possibilities within us as they take place at both the physical and metaphysical levels of Existence. It is a Way of Living…of Being…in our Everyday Lives that makes our day to day World into an Enchanted, Mysterious Movement that is…a Second Genesis Birth. This show will answer questions you’ve always Wondered…it will Bring the Beginnings of a Peace you’ve known was Possible but could not quite Grasp and Own.

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