Ancient Movement back into a Plant Base Diet

07-31-17  Ancient Movement back into a Plant Base Diet

Welcome to another new episode. This is The Second Genesis Awakening’s Show #6 and you won’t want to miss this one. We’re reviewing some of the latest documentaries on this Ancient Movement back into a Plant Base Diet here in America and around the World. Adam T. Gardener is our guest in this Show. He has a few new Insights about why we’re hesitant about moving forward with our own Change in Diet & Lifestyle Choices. Adam’t says, “We just don’t know…it’s not a Choice. It’s our Genetic Birthright, Heritage and Inheritance to live a life Free of Sickness & Disease.”

Investing Together to Transform the Future

05-01-17   Investing Together to Transform the Future

This week’s show is called Investing Together to Transform the Future. It is a phrase taken from the folks at Breakthrough Energy Ventures, led by Bill Gates. Your going to love this week’s show as we Explore how corporations and private citizens are Working to Shape a Bright Future. Envision America’s Medicine Wheels is available right now to Assist Anyone Willing to Shape Their Future in an Extraordinary Way…a Future where Mankind lives Free of all Sickness & Disease. It was always meant to Be this Way.

Slowing Down in Order to BE Accelerated

03-27-17  Slowing Down in Order to BE Accelerated

On this week’s Second Genesis Awakening Radio Show your host, Debara Bruhn Towt along with her Whole Food & Whole Herb Medicine Man sidekick…adam’t gardener…will be Exploring Thoughts about Slowing Down in order to BE Accelerated. The Curriculum currently available on the website is a Key to an Ancient Learning Process we call The Second Genesis Protocol. It’s something actually written in Human DNA…a Message that is Activated by certain Words being Spoken by a person that is in an Experience of something Unseen & Unknown in our technologically advanced culture. It’s that time again to go for the Ride of Your Life on The Human Accelerator.

Susan Whiting on Struggles and Success

02-27-17   Susan Whiting on Struggles and Success

Susan Whiting was a first generation college graduate. Headed for medical school, she had to cut it short with the demands of children and family. She earned a degree in medical technology. After 20 years of working in that western medicine model, she became disillusioned with the disparity between treatments and results. Going back to school, she obtained a master’s degree in the behavioral health sciences. Seeing a vision inside herself of a Wholeness that didn’t exist in the western science model…armed with greater insights into human behavior and healing…she found her Passion working with University students for a Vision of Wholeness and Wellness that was not available through the standard courses being taught at that time.

And as so many of us have been, Susan found herself struggling with health issues. Seeking out the Garden, she found personal Insights into Healing and Wholeness that now came from a place of Experience through the plant kingdom of life. She’s “on the hot seat” this week Sharing some of her life’s Story of struggles and success. Being a first year baby boomer, born in 1946, you won’t want to miss her Story of climbing the Sidney Harbor Bridge overlooking the Opera House in Australia this past January of 2017. Susan’s 70 and getting younger and stronger every year.