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Your_Souls_Companion_-_front_cover-386x556Are you spiritually curious? If you have heard that little voice in your head and wondered, “Where do I begin?” this book is for you. If you are seeking to discover your own spiritual path, Your Soul’s Companion is a practical guide to the spiritual tools you need to thrive in our challenging times. Woven into the informative text are simple exercises and many personal stories from Wendy Marks’ fascinating practice as a medical intuitive and spiritual teacher, and from her personal life. You’ll find straightforward explanations of such topics as shamanism, the chakra system, meditation, the different types of intuitive gifts, and more… You’ll learn the cornerstones of spiritual practice, including self-protection and how to set up a sacred space for your own personal retreat. With over 25 years as a medical intuitive and counselor, Wendy brings dedication, humor and insight to her work, and to this, her first book on spirituality.

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