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Beth Davis 81xZT9JZbgLYou Are Never Too Small To Make A Big Difference: Impacting a Community with Kindness a Guide for Parents and Teachers Including Tips and Strategies to Teach Empathy to Children of All Ages

Every one of us is born a blessed bundle of joy with the potential to move the world with the tiniest acts of kindness and caring. The sensitive, sweet, inspired spirit of a child very naturally wants to help, to contribute, to give, to make a better world. All we require is guidance and nurturing and acknowledging of that power inherent in each one of us. In this wonderful, amazing, charming and important book, Beth Davis shows us how. The song lyric “Teach your children well” resounds through every page as you read about children who at the youngest ages have created causes for good, have volunteered with boundless enthusiasm, have extended a helping hand and a loving heart to their fellow small-sized human beings, that each and every child may enjoy an abundant and productive, happy and healthy life.

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