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CREATING LIGHT is a story based on Actual Events. Beyza, an 8 year old girl, is afraid of the dark and can’t sleep thinking of all the scary things lurking in the shadows. Her loving mother guides her through her fear by empowering her to turn on the Light within her heart. Learn how Beyza is able to find the power within her to overcome her fear of darkness. This book includes a simple guided meditation you can use to assist your child to overcome their fears as well. Also as a fun activity, your child will enjoy finding the butterflies hidden on nearly every page. Author’s notes: “The only way I was able to guide Beyza through her process of being afraid of the dark was because I knew what it was like. In fact, I had been afraid of a lot of things in my life. But I have been able to breakthrough my own fears and limitations by learning how to be the Light. Therefore I was able to reflect on my own experience and share this wisdom with her. This wasn’t something that I just made up in the moment to tell her a story and trick her mind. It was based on my own personal experiences.” – Monica Iglesias

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