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Writing Your Memoir07-04-23 Writing Your Memoir: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Guests: Teresa Velardi & Tammy Hader

Show Description: Why are memories so important and memoirs so loved? Memoir writing is a skill that combines Joseph Campbell’s, The Hero’s Journey with cathartic, joyful, and painful emotions. Word Empowered Book Endeavors (WEBE Books Publisher Teresa Velardi and Memoir Author Tammy Hader share their secrets to successfully writing a memoir.

Bios: Teresa Velardi- Authentic Endeavors Publishing, a hybrid publisher, came to life when founder, Teresa Velardi, decided to use her gifts to help others tell their stories in books. As an editor and author herself, she wanted to make it possible for others to benefit from the experience of seeing their words published in a book, First, it was short stories written by several authors compiled together. Then it was individual authors who wanted to either fulfill a dream of writing a book or had a story that was so compelling that it just begged to be told.

The WeBe Books Publishing imprint is a collaborative effort with Kat Kanavos, an award-winning author and good friend of Teresa’s. They have worked together on several other projects and decided to bring something new to the publishing world. Together, they are WeBe Books, aka Word Empowered Book Endeavors.

Tammy Hader- is a memoir author & editor for Medium’s Journal of Journeys, BizCatalyst360 columnist & Daily Gift Book contributing author. She has an accounting BBA from Wichita State University, yet after a 30- year accounting career, she reinvented herself as a writer in 2018. When not writing, she enjoys caring for her mom, cooking for her family, & serving her two rescue kitties with the royal attention they deserve.

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