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Wired for High-Level WellnessUPDATED and REVISED for 2022!

For a woman with three of America’s most ordinary names, Susan Smith Jones, PhD, has made extraordinary contributions in the fields of holistic health; anti-aging; optimum nutrition; human potential; and balanced, living. But her road to success has been anything but easy. Susan’s challenges lay the foundation for this inspiring, motivating, and empowering book on how to create a vibrantly healthy and extraordinary life.

In Wired for High-Level Wellness: Simple Ways to Rejuvenate, Meditate & Prosper, Jones is in a unique position to testify on the efficacy of her message that health is the result of countless choices we make every day. When her back was fractured in a car accident, her physician told her she would never be able to carry “anything heavier than a small purse.” Susan chose not to accept this verdict; within months there was no longer any pain or evidence of the fracture. She soon fully regained her healthy, active lifestyle. She attributes her healing to a natural-foods diet, faith, determination, perseverance, balanced living and, most important, to her unshakable relationship with and deep connection to God.

Since the accident, she has been active in spreading her message that anyone can choose to create a healthy, happy, peaceful, and balanced life. Her inspiring message and innovative techniques for achieving total health have won her a grateful, enthusiastic following and put her in constant demand internationally as a health and fitness consultant and educator. A gifted teacher, Susan brings together modern research and ageless wisdom in all of her work. Visit her website,, to read the foreword, endorsements, sampler, excerpts, and contents for Wired for High-Level Wellness.

Jones provides an enthralling narrative and precise roadmap on how to be truly healthy—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As the reader, you will feel like you are sitting across from Susan at her kitchen table, visiting over a cup of juice or tea while she shares her most sacred and coveted secrets with you on how to transform your life and live your highest dreams. Susan tells us in many ways to always dream big and to let our imaginations soar—visualizing our goals. She shares this quote by Albert Einstein: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview to life’s coming attraction.” She adds, “This reminds me of the Bible scripture, Hebrews 11:1, ‘Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ Our mission, if we choose to accept it, is to believe wholeheartedly, imagine our goals as already achieved, assume the feeling of that wish fulfilled, keep the faith, live gratefully, and continue to move onward and upward.”

Susan’s heartfelt personal stories will have you on the edge of your seat; her humor will have you laughing so hard that you will receive a great abdominal workout; and her sound nutritional and holistic lifestyle guidance will have you feeling healthier, happier, and more hopeful before you’ve even finished the first chapter.

Jones’ faith-filled guidance will put you on your desired path of being physically, mentally, and spiritually balanced—calm, focused, energized, and joyful—something she has been practicing and teaching worldwide for over 40 years.

“Getting back to the basics” is the foundation of this comprehensive book Wired for High-Level Wellness. Her easy-to-follow program is an indispensable and refreshing change from most health and self-improvement books that only focus on one particular aspect of health. Jones believes in health by choice, not chance. Choose to read this book and you will see how easily and effortlessly your body, your health, and your life all change for the better. The transformation will astound you!

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