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What’s In Your Way IS The Way Archives with Mary O’Malley

Freedom From Your ‘Spells’

06-30-16 Freedom From Your ‘Spells’  Most of our fear is made up of conditioned beliefs that we took on when we were very young. Mary calls these beliefs ‘spells’ because they are not true and they can be lifted. Our spells run us from underneath our everyday...

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Life Is For You

06-16-16   Life Is For You Most of us live our lives identified with the stories in our minds, rarely being here for Life. If you could open a little door on your forehead to see what your storyteller is talking about all day long, you would see that it believes Life...

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Being Healed By Your Compulsions

06-02-16  Being Healed By Your Compulsions We are all compulsive to some degree. We turn to drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, work, sex, the Internet, busyness, self-judgment, and chronic worry in order to numb out our pain, sadness, grief and shame. And when we try to...

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The Ease of Meditation

05-18-16  The Ease of Meditation Most people use meditation to try to make something happen, find enlightenment, get to a better state, or change something in their lives.  True meditation is discovering how to be with Life exactly as it is, especially how to be fully...

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Trusting Life – All of It

04-30-16  Trusting Life – All of It Most people, don’t fully trust Life, if at all! It certainly does feel untrustworthy when Life breaks your heart, brings illnesses to your body, and feels, at times, as though it gives you way more than you can handle. But what if...

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Fear is Nothing to Be Afraid Of!

04-14-16   Fear is Nothing to Be Afraid Of! If you are like most people, you may not realize that fear talks in your head all day long and you will do almost anything to get away from it. Even when your life is going well, it is still there, concealed in the core...

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Freedom from Self–Judgment

03-17-16   Freedom from Self–Judgment Have you ever noticed that there is a voice in your head that talks all day long?  And have you noticed how much it loves to judge?  It judges the weather, politics, religion, and other people.  But most especially it judges YOU! ...

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The Healing Power of Your Heart

03-03-16  The Healing Power of Your Heart You have a brain in the center of your chest. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true.  In the 1990’s, it was discovered that the heart is actually a brain. If that isn’t mind blowing enough, we also discovered it is our main...

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The Amazing Healer of Breath

02-18-16  The Amazing Healer of Breath Your breath is one of the most powerful healing tools you have and it is right under your nose (pun intended!). Imagine what it would be like to use your breath to access greater ease and to open more deeply to the delight of...

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The Phenomenal Power of Your Curiosity

02-04-16  The Phenomenal Power of Your Curiosity The world of struggle is different for each of us. It might include low-grade worry, anxiety, and confusion or it might spiral out of control into dread, despair, deep darkness and depression. There really is a way out...

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Explore a Radical New Way of Healing Your Struggling Self

01-07-16  Explore a Radical New Way of Healing Your Struggling Self You, like most people, are addicted to struggle.  Your life is filled with little struggles like waiting too long for the elevator doors to open or waiting for the traffic light to turn green, to big...

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Why Do You Struggle With Life?

12-31-15  Why Do You Struggle With Life? We are all caught to some degree in the stories in our heads, yet most human beings don’t realize it.  We think we are our thoughts and this cuts us off from the vibrancy of life.  Listen to Mary as she explains why you are not...

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