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11-20-19 What is my Purpose in Life?

In this talk, we will take a leap of faith like jumping out of a plane together with a free fall, folding hands in a big circle and will joyfully go down the rabbit hole together.

We want to find our true purpose of life to have true fulfillment. Ego thinking has no purpose what so ever it makes meaning where there is no meaning, in fact, it’s the underlying message is meaninglessness. This is where depression and anxiety arise in this seeming life. If our life is not to awaken to true identity than there is no purpose. We have to realize that our true purpose is being guided by the Spirit.

The purpose is a very deep topic to go into, we could also describe purpose as Awakening, Atonement, forgiveness or healing. Our purpose is not in form our purpose is in mind. The world was set up to cover over our true identity; it is a smokescreen that simply shows what is false and illusory. This is to keep the true Self hidden which keeps us asleep in the dream. So our purpose in to awaken from the dream and to see the dream for what it is. We allow the mind to open up more and more to the light to shine away all the darkness that once seemed to be our sight.

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