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09-25-18 Topic: We Consciousness with Karen Noé

At Omega: We Consciousness
33 Profound Truths for Inner & Outer Peace
Oct 12 – Oct 14 2018 Rhinebeck, NY

Karen Noé shares messages from Wayne Dyer and teaches about the We Consciousness to help us become instruments of peace at this critical time.

Wayne Dyer’s daughters Serena and Saje also share the signs and messages they have received from their father, along with many wonderful stories about what it was like having him as their dad.

Karen Noé, an internationally renowned psychic medium for the past two decades with a two-year client waiting list, was a deep admirer of Dr. Wayne W Dyer, a man whose teachings truly transformed her life. She followed his wisdom to always ask “How May I Serve?” so that she could be a force for peace and love in the world. Like much of the planet, she was profoundly saddened when he left the physical plane on Aug, 30 2015.

A month later, as a Hay House author, she had been booked to talk on life-after-death at Hay’s House’s I Can Do It Conference in Orlando FL. She flew in a day early to attend a tribute to Dyer, along with members of his family. As she walked back to her hotel, Karen spoke inwardly to Dyer and asked him to give her a sign if he could hear her. She then asked how she could serve him.

The answers came in minutes…not just a direct response telling her she was already serving, but also a visual sign that highlighted the letters W…E . Delighted with this contact, she thought initially that the W…E stood for WaynE. But she was soon to discover it meant WE.

The Dyer Family Medium, Noé Has Brought Incontrovertible Messages From the Luminary to Each of his Family Members, and He Continues To Offer Wisdom to Mankind

Dyer had opened the way for her to become a powerful conduit to deliver WE CONSCIOUSNESS: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace (Hay House, March 2018), an extraordinary collaboration with Dyer and a collective known as the WE Guides, including St. Francis of Assisi, bringing forth vital information for all of humanity on how we can achieve heaven on earth today.

The 33 concepts in the book are the keys to experiencing the divinity within us, the one consciousness to which we all are connected. As we live these precepts, we create the inner peace that can translate into external peace in the world. The WE Guides ARE the consciousness that enable us to be instruments of peace if we follow their guidance.

This seminal world-changing book is fascinating and essential for both the messages it brings and for the way it has come to us.

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