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Relationship Truths

09-16-21 Relationship Truths In this episode Waska speaks with Alex about personal and professional relationships; letting your partner win; do women want to be dominated?; me time/she time; trust being paramount in all relationships; communication - are you...

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The Power of Presence

07-29-21 The Power of Presence Being in the moment with Aurora Taylor. Conversing about the ways that true presence offers peace of mind and smooch more; practicing being in the moment; letting go of the past and the future and just ‘being’; reflecting upon the dark...

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The Importance of a SPIRITUAL PRACTICE

06-24-21 The Importance of a SPIRITUAL PRACTICE In this episode Waska and Beth converse about religion and spirituality; the power of journaling, prayer and gratitude; connecting the dots of past events for growth; meditation practice and the benefits; ANY PRACTICE is...

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06-10-21 BE-DO-HAVE or HAVE-DO-BE? Living a personal paradigm that works A candid conversation with Beth Parojcic surrounding the common theme and prevailing belief that... 'The more I HAVE, the more I can DO and then I will BE happy' as adverse to 'I AM happy and I...

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