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The Power of Presence

07-29-21 The Power of Presence Being in the moment with Aurora Taylor. Conversing about the ways that true presence offers peace of mind and smooch more; practicing being in the moment; letting go of the past and the future and just ‘being’; reflecting upon the dark...

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The Importance of a SPIRITUAL PRACTICE

06-24-21 The Importance of a SPIRITUAL PRACTICE In this episode Waska and Beth converse about religion and spirituality; the power of journaling, prayer and gratitude; connecting the dots of past events for growth; meditation practice and the benefits; ANY PRACTICE is...

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06-10-21 BE-DO-HAVE or HAVE-DO-BE? Living a personal paradigm that works A candid conversation with Beth Parojcic surrounding the common theme and prevailing belief that... 'The more I HAVE, the more I can DO and then I will BE happy' as adverse to 'I AM happy and I...

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Relationships 101 A Roadmap for Success

05-13-21 Relationships 101  A Roadmap for Success Conversing with guest, Beth Parojcic Our conversation includes: Creating lasting, loving and joyful relationships with your partner; the top key aspects of creating a successful love relationship - respect, trust,...

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Check Please….Who Pays?

05-06-21 CHECK PLEASE…WHO PAYS? The delicate balance of FINANCES within RELATIONSHIPS She thinks you're being cheap bro!; plutonic vs romantic relationship vs committed partnership; expectations on return!; let me take you out!; old patterns and how we were raised;...

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04-29-21 WHAT IS YOUR SUGAR?  Looking at ADDICTIONS and how they affect our RELATIONSHIPS Conversing on the topic of ADDICTIONS - we are all addicted to something; growing up in an alcoholic family; peer pressure and challenging oneself to look at potential...

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The Art of Expression

04-22-21 The Art of Expression How are you expressing yourself as a man? Discussing duality and shadow self; who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying!; men acting out to receive attention - the misunderstood man; the benefit of a regular men’s...

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The Shadow Self

04-08-21 The Shadow Self You can run, but you can not hide - he’s always with you! Looking at those dark places that hold us back; doing the work to shed light on the shadow aspects of self; overcoming early childhood decisions and the shadows that we carry throughout...

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More feeling, Less Thinking!

04-01-21 More feeling, Less Thinking! Men are generally in their heads while woman reside more in their hearts/feelings Men tend to think first and women tend to consult their feelings first; opening up the throat chakra and speaking from the heart; the distinction of...

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03-25-21 Man-Up!  The stereotypes of what a man is supposed to be.  A candid conversation with a 'brother from another mother', Bill Horneck. We discuss several stereotypes and share our experiences about what it means to be a man from our perspectives; family and...

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