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08-03-20 Vitamins and Minerals -Collaborators in Success-Carolyn Dean MD ND 

Using nutrition and supplements to boost your health and immune system are an essential part of daily life now in the year 2020. In years past we were told we could all get by with grabbing a few extra veggies at the salad bar or tossing down a green smoothie. But, in today’s environment, where there is so much soil depletion and chemical toxicity in our foods, it’s actually BETTER to rely on pure, highly absorbed certified nutritional formulas.

Putting together your daily formulations can be a lot of fun. With a tweak here and a pinch there you figure out your body’s natural response to vitamins and minerals through how much better you feel and how your body performs. And that’s the key – supplements should truly make you feel better –

A key pillar of knowledge is how all these nutrients work synergistically because they are crucial co-factors necessary for all the biochemical processes in the body. In addition to magnesium, and vitamin D, Dr. Carolyn Dean, one of the world’s leading experts on vitamin and mineral supplementation, also recommends vitamin K-2 for the metabolism of calcium; zinc for the immune system; and vitamin C for it’s incredible infection fighting properties. Let’s not forget the multi-minerals in ReMyte that are required to support vitamin D metabolism as well as inviting potassium and selenium to the party!

On tonight’s live radio show we’ll take a deep dive into this topic and we’ll take your questions and phone calls on the very important topic of Dietary Supplementation – Getting Your Ratio’s Right.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Do you research – Dr. Dean has a free library of books and videos you can rely on for clear, concise information.
  • Commit to good habits – Avoid processed foods, sugars, and other unsavory food products that diminish health and vitality.
  • Focus on proper hydration – many of our listeners know that Dr. Dean recommends drinking 1/2 your body weight (in lbs) in ounces of water daily with the addition of 1/4 tsp of natural sea salt.
  • ReMag – even with a good diet you get less magnesium from your food than you would have thirty years ago because of the demineralization of the soil. This is why is it’s so important to take your ReMag daily. Either follow the protocol by sipping through the day or take it in juice, green tea, or a smoothie with your meals 2 or 3 times a day.
  • Vitamin D is actually a hormone and is made by the body through summer sun exposure. Through our partnership with GrassrootsHealth you can do In Home Testing of your magnesium and vitamin D levels. To get the most benefit from vitamin D you have to have the other co-factors in your body as well – those include magnesium, calcium, and vitamin K.
  • Vitamin K2 is needed to direct calcium where it needs to be, into your bones and teeth, not your arteries, and it protects against vitamin D toxicity. Like magnesium, nearly everyone is deficient in K2 because natural sources like free-range eggs and butter are either missing from the diet or come from industrially raised animals not fed on grass. Vitamin K2 supplementation may dramatically reduce fracture rates and even reverses arterial calcification.
  • Zinc is a mineral you’re going to be hearing about for quite some time to come. Zinc is known for its immune system boosting qualities and antiviral properties and as we incorporate even higher doses of zinc into our daily routine it’s showing itself to have even more diverse properties than we expected. We’ll be talking about those qualities on the show this evening.
  • Vitamin C – Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an essential nutrient, widely recognized for its antioxidant properties. These properties arise from its potent redox potential due to its capacity to donate electrons to oxidized molecules. Even in small quantities vitamin C can protect critical molecules in the body such as proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from damage by reactive oxygen species, which are generated during normal metabolism, by active immune cells, and through exposure to toxins and pollutants (e.g., certain chemotherapy drugs and cigarette smoke). The vitamin also plays a critical role as a cofactor – a molecule that assists enzymes in chemical reactions. This dual nature of vitamin C means that it is instrumental in multiple physiological processes, including those involved in the biosynthesis of collagen, carnitine, and catecholamines. As such, vitamin C participates in immune function, wound healing, fatty acid metabolism, neurotransmitter production, and blood vessel formation, as well as other key processes and pathways. And guess what! Sugar competes with Vitamin C in the cells – so the more sugar you eat, the more you deplete your Vitamin C!

So, join us tonight for the rest of the story including the full scope of Dr. Dean’s recommendations. You will love hearing the beneficial interactions with our callers and hosts alike including the body/mind connection, identifying the ‘conflict’ in the ‘conflict basis’ of disease and much more!!

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