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07-26-21 Vitamin D – Your Daily Intake and Co Factors- Carolyn Dean MD ND 

Vitamin D is a necessary nutrient for the body. It’s used in most body processes, such as cellular functioning, bone remodeling, calcium absorption, and immune support. Research indicates it can improve longevityboost immunity and may even brighten your mood.

While the majority of studies focus on Vitamin D3 benefits, it’s important to note that much of the population is still deficient in Vitamin D3. The risks for being deficient in vitamin D include:

1). Fear of cancer and compulsive use of sunscreens

2). Avoiding the great outdoors

3). An abysmally low RDA for Vitamin D – 400IU when we probably need 10,000IU

4). Living at higher latitudes – less sun strength and exposure

5). Darker skin, because it requires longer sun exposure.

6)  Cold skin, which is less receptive to the sun than warm skin.

7). Being overweight – more than 30% fat makes it harder to absorb Vitamin D.

8). Unhealthy Gut, Liver, Kidneys –reduce the amount of Vitamin D that is absorbed.

9). Medications, which can zap vitamin D production

The Body Needs All Forms 

Vitamin D from the Sun as well as supplemental doses of vitamin D3 through a highly effective vitamin D3 supplement are essential to achieving the recommended levels of vitamin D needed in the body for daily optimal health. Without enough vitamin D available the immune response of the body can be hindered.

Don’t forget Co-Factors 

“While many people are beginning to realize the amazing health benefits that vitamin D has to offer in the prevention of disease, they may not be getting the full benefits from vitamin D without also supplementing their diets with magnesium, which is a vital nutrient that works synergistically with vitamin D,” says Dr. Dean. Magnesium is absolutely necessary for the activation of vitamin D. Magnesium deficiency is the reason why the studies on Vitamin D are inconclusive with researchers put down vitamin D supplementation and others support

  1. And, magnesium deficiency is why extremely high dose Vitamin D supplementation (50,000IU – usually of synthetic D2) can be detrimental because it steals all the body’s magnesium giving you magnesium deficiency symptoms.

Several other factors including the intake of certain nutrients that influence how an individual’s vitamin D level responds to their vitamin D supplementation.

Recently, GrassRootsHealth published compelling information about the response of vitamin D dosing in relationship to:

Vitamin K2, that’s why our D3K2 ReSet contains K2 – D3K2 is made from plant lichens instead of sheep lanolin, which is the fat from sheep’s wool.

Vitamin B6, B12, which are in our ReAline formula along with all the methylated and food-based Bs.

Vitamin C, which is our Whole C ReSet and Vitamin C ReSet Berry Powder

Probiotics, that’s our Flora ReVive

And other key vitamin D nutrients including boron and zinc, which are in our ReMyte and Pico Zinc.

Tonight on her LIVE You-tube podcast show, we’ll be talking with Dr. Carolyn Dean about Vitamin D3 – Your Daily Intake and Co-Factors -along with a wide range of health topics and safe solutions. You will love hearing the beneficial interactions with callers and hosts alike including the emotional and spiritual side of health and medicine.

About Dr. Carolyn Dean

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND has been featured on national media for over 30 years offering practical strategies to improve health, vitality, and well-being the natural way. As a medical doctor, naturopath, certified clinical nutritionist and master of many modalities including acupuncture and homeopathy, Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND has authored over 33 books and 100 publications including The Magnesium Miracle, 3rd Edition, Hormone Balance, Future Health Now Encyclopedia and Heart Health. Please note that the information and opinions expressed on these broadcasts are not designed to constitute advice or recommendations as to any disease, ailment, or physical condition. You should not act or rely upon any information contained in these broadcasts without seeking the advice of your personal physician. If you have any questions about the information or opinions expressed during these broadcasts, please contact your doctor.

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