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12-24-18 Unity is The Key …These Times are Defining us Moment by Moment

I am delighted to have Deborah Beauvias, with her Intuitive sharing of letting go of 2018 as we Move forward into 2019…Deborah shares her divine wisdom and light in this 1 hour show. We, Deborah and myself express what we have hearing from each & everyone of you, our listeners, our friends and our families…

In this time of acceleration and of a evolutionary jump into this New Year 2019, with its Clarion call to each one of  us individually.  Yes, we continue moving forward moment by moment with its vibration which orchestrating … IT’S …Divine Magnificence upon each of us!   A Universal, Sacred Solitude from DEEP Within us ALL … A Time of Honor and Deep Respect Yes .. We Live in a LIVING UNIVERSE …  Breathe Relax and let it flow….


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