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Kimberly & Brian02-16-21 Light in the Darkness: Uncovering Grief and Trauma, authors Kimberly Resch and Brian Ross

Brian Ross and Kimberly Resch, co-founders of highly awarded media company Conscious Content Collective®, and experts in PTSD. As we all know, this year has been traumatic on many levels, and Kimberly and Brian are on a mission to share the tools to help people cope now and beyond the pandemic and election. On top of COVID, social unrest and political division, Kimberly and Brian experienced another traumatic event this year  – losing their teenage son Taylor in a drowning accident in March  – and are truly remarkable in their openness and resilience. They will speak about their choice to choose hope and live in a way that honors Taylor, even amid immense grief.

Light in the Darkness: Uncovering Grief and Trauma, authors Kimberly Resch and Brian Ross

During an unprecedented time in history, hundreds of millions of people worldwide are experiencing traumatic events. These events have repercussions that affect people’s daily lives. Many people associate trauma with combat; however, trauma often stems from more common occurrences like sexual abuse, alcoholism, addiction, or physical violence and emotional abuse. Nearly half the people experiencing the loss of a loved one may feel the effects of post-traumatic stress. Almost everyone has been exposed to these experiences, either directly or indirectly.

Light in the Darkness: Uncovering Grief and Trauma provides a mental health “wisdom well” to help you connect to yourself and find hope again. It also provides case studies and compelling interviews with experts and survivors that delve into how to #liftthestigma of mental illness and free yourself and your loved ones from the long-term impact of traumatic experiences.

Case studies and compelling interviews with experts delve deep into wisdom that can free you and your loved ones from the grip of traumatic experience. Through these true stories and the latest research in psychology and neurology, uncover a universal human experience.

BRIAN ROSS + KIMBERLY RESCH are the co-founders of Conscious Content Collective, humanity’s media company. Brian’s experience is rooted in business and the philosophy of servant leadership, which has been one of the most important aspects of his output to the world. Brian leads by example and holds himself and everyone in his organization to the standard of “remarkable.” This requires being present, listening more than talking, and feeling what the next, right move is for his organization.

Kimberly Resch has been an award-winning artist and creative since the age of 5, and expanded her passion into selling commissioned works of art at the age of 16. Although her practical experience in corporate life has provided for her family financially, the “human” arts are the foundation of her passion. As a Shaman in the British West Indies and British Overseas Territory, Kimberly was of service to those on a healing path. Rooted in truth and self-awareness, her extensive education in EIQ (emotional intelligence quotient) has served her clients well in discovering the root causes of dis-ease in their body, mind, and spirit.

Together, Brian and Kimberly have built Conscious Content Collective over the last several years, to provide a place for those who need a voice to be heard on issues that matter to humanity. The company has manifested multiple awards for its feature films and short films in connection with Shaman Motion Pictures. These films have left an imprint of education and awareness on those who watch them.

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