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Unbounded by Aaron McCormickThey are the loudest questions, yet most ignored and unanswered. You know…the inescapable ones not formed by words but felt as energy “within” regarding every important decision, endeavor and relationship. Will this be right for me? Am I fulfilled? What is my unique purpose and how do I maximize it?

From the moment we enter the world there exists invisible energy or spirit with volumes of information. It is as if we arrive self-contained with a specific essence and purpose awaiting our conscious revelation and fulfillment.

However, also from the moment we are born we begin consuming binders, learned ideals, expectations, labels, behavior and energy foreign to our original essence. These binders are so effective at burying our purest expression that until we deliberately go within, connect the dots and face ourselves, we unwittingly live with varying degrees of internal conflict devoid of realization of our unique purpose and value to ourselves and the world.

Whether you’re an executive or just starting out, dating or in a long-term partnership, religious or gnostic, your purest essence does not need to be changed, it needs to be discovered! Unbounded navigates a hi-fidelity journey to your “within” to identify and remove unconscious internal conflict, decode your most authentic expression and maximize your purpose and fulfillment across four significant areas of life: Self, Love & Relationships, Money and Work.

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