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09-08-21 Trusting in Divine Providence – Brother Sun, Sister Moon Movie Commentary by David Hoffmeister

In this talk from the movie workshop ’Brother Sun Sister Moon” David Hoffmeister talks about Divine Providence and the nature of a mystical community, “…there is a presence providing for you, even with the needs that you believe you have…Divine providence is in mind, and once you come close to that principle you start to realize that really everyone is living in divine providence, but they believe otherwise. It’s a divine principle that comes from the Holy Spirit. So everyone is equally accessible to the principle.”

“In the movie St Francis of Asisi is following his calling and after his awakening, a mystical community begins to form around him. At first, it is just him, walking out of the gates of Assisi naked in front of his parents, and the entire city with arms wide open, Like here I am Lord. That’s the kind of faith it takes to follow God. To say, I would hold nothing before you God, I give away my ideas of possession, of control, of ownership, of being right, of superior-inferior thinking. All of that, with arms wide open, I give it all to you. Take it from me. And that is the start of what we could call a mystical community”, says David.

Enjoy David’s profound commentary on this wonderful devotional movie.

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