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06-29-22 This Holy Instant – Let Present Trust Lead the Way with David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu

David: I had just completed ten years of university, and then Jesus instructed me to delete my resume, and you know, I tried to throw all the papers away, but he said, No, go to your word processor and delete the memory of the resume, not just the paper. I want that resume out of your mind because I will teach you how to live in the given.

I will teach you that I’ll provide everything you need if you just shine your light. Let me speak, laugh and smile through you and be happy. You don’t have to learn and figure out what to do; that’s the human problem. We have conflicting ideas from the past. Nobody agrees on anything. And then, we are supposed to make our life decisions based on our past learning. It doesn’t work. You know, it’s a trick. But if we make our way and let present trust lead the way, then what an adventure. Then you’re on a real adventure.

Experience this A Course in Miracles online retreat session from the closing session of the “This Holy Instant” online retreat.
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