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11-03-21 How to Trust the Holy Spirit – Commentary by David Hoffmeister for the movie “Solaris”

In today’s movie workshop, we’re calling on Jesus and the Holy Spirit to take us through the temptations of the ego. Beyond the darkness and all the shadows of this world. And we are joining in piercing the ego’s veil together, and open our hearts to experience, pure love. That is our prayer.”

“We’re going to explore how the principle of all that I give is given to myself and that the principle of giving and receiving is the same. We’re going to do it through a space journey in which a space station is marooned very close to a planet, who’s name is Solaris. ‘Solar’ means light, and ‘is’ means is. So “Light is” is the main theme of the movie or “God is” like Jesus says in the workbook, “we say, God is, and then we cease to speak.” In other words, those are the last two words that ever need to be spoken.” Enjoy David’s profound commentary for this classic movie that never ends speaking to our eternal nature.

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