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Dr. Carolyn Dean LIVE09-20-21 Top 6 Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients – Carolyn Dean MD ND 

In medical school we learned about inflammation but not that it is a major cause of chronic disease. I’ve been saying this for years and now allopathic medicine is agreeing. An April, 2020 Medical News Today article says that inflammation contributes to the following chronic illnesses: metabolic syndrome, which includes type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

 If you Google my name and inflammation you’ll access a whole screen-full of blogs like “Excess Calcium Fuels Neuro-Inflammation.” “Magnesium The Safe and Natural Anti-inflammatory” In my book, The Magnesium Miracle, I mention inflammation 93 times. I’ve also warned that drug companies are constantly looking for “safe” anti-inflammatory drugs. They struck out with the NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) because they cause so many side effects – the worst of which is heart disease. But the deeper reason that many drugs have serious side effects is that they can cause magnesium deficiency – and therefore inflammation!

In addition to the essential role of magnesium, consider the role of the omega’s, vitamin A and E as well as zinc and vitamin D. And then consider, again, my recommendations for achieving the RDI’s [Recommended Daily Intake] for each of these anti-inflammatory co-factors through diet and supplementation with my Completement Formulas:


A breakthrough study from 2006 entitled Magnesium and the Inflammatory Response shows that at the cellular level, magnesium reduces inflammation. In the animal model used, magnesium deficiency is created when an inflammatory condition is produced. Increasing magnesium intake decreases inflammation.

In a more recent study [June 2017], therapeutic levels of magnesium supplementation are shown to have a positive anti-inflammatory effect in the body.

With magnesium being actively required by 1,000 enzyme systems in the human body, internal functions that reduce inflammation with the help of magnesium are being newly discovered every year. For example, magnesium has been found to be a natural calcium channel blocker, which is crucial because calcium in excess is one of the most pro-inflammatory substances in the body.  This is why I  recommend a 1:1 balance of calcium with magnesium, while also taking into account the amount of calcium people get in their daily diets.


In addition to magnesium, zinc plays a critical role in controlling the inflammatory response. A study from researchers at Oregon State University has found that improving zinc status through diet and supplementation may reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases. It has been known for decades that zinc has a significant role in immune function and zinc deficiency has been linked to increased inflammation in chronic disease and triggering new inflammatory processes.

Omega Algae A+E 

One of the tremendous benefits of saturation with essential fatty acids is lowering inflammation. They are both important fatty acid components of cell membranes that contribute to the structure, fluidity, flexibility, enzymatic activity, and signaling between cells. Vitamin A is one of the most common vitamin deficiencies in the world and also has a role as an anti-inflammatory agent. and vitamin E is a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.

When used properly, the omega’s along with vitamin A and E help reduce inflammation and improved the immune response. They increase the activation of macrophages, neutrophils, and dendritic cells (the first-responders that help identify pathogen or virus in the case of an infection), T-cells (that destroy the pathogen or virus), and B-cells (to remember the pathogen or virus and act immediately to destroy it in the case of a future infection), among others.

Vitamin D3 

Beyond its critical function in calcium homeostasis, vitamin D has recently been found to play an important role in the modulation of the immune/inflammation system via regulating the production of inflammatory cytokines and inhibiting the proliferation of pro-inflammatory cells.

Lifestyle Choices 

Lifestyle choices play a significant role in an individual’s susceptibility toward chronic inflammation as well. Dr. Dean points out, “Chronic, low-grade inflammation—sustained by excessive belly fat, a poor diet including processed foods and sugars, lack of exercise, smoking, and gum disease—may explain why lifestyle-related diseases have reached epidemic proportions in Western countries while remaining relatively scarce in the developing world.”

Incorporating nutrients is a choice one can make to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome which makes knowing about these nutrients vitally important.

Tonight on our LIVE podcast on YouTube, we’ll be talking with Dr. Carolyn Dean about her recommendations for controlling inflammation along with a wide range of health topics and safe solutions. You will love hearing the beneficial interactions with our callers and hosts alike including the body/mind connection, identifying the ‘conflict’ in the ‘conflict basis’ of disease, and much more!!

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