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Goddess Unleashed with Diane Vich01-10-20 The Whole Body with Interconnected Systems Work Together to Create Wellness

Holistic health looks at the entire picture.  The person as a whole body with interconnected systems that work together to create wellness.  An essential component is the root cause- physical root  which is inflammation and impacted by digestive health.  As well as the emotional root which involves mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Next weeks episode will go deeper into all of these topics as I interview a functional medicine physician. The amazing link to digestive health is evident in symptoms all over our bodies and not necessarily digestive symptoms alone.  Some of the symptoms I discuss are insomnia, hair loss, tinnitus, illness and respiratory issues.  They are all linked to our immune system which begins in our digestive tract. I end the podcast with a meditation for energy, calm, peace and vitality in your life.  Take time to breathe relax and let go.  Your body will appreciate the gift.

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