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07-18-17  The Promise of Energy Psychology with David Feinstein, PhD

INTRODUCTION TO ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY David Feinstein at Omega Institute July 23, 2017 – July 28, 2017

Tapping Into Your Potential

Energy psychology brings a new dimension of self-empowerment to personal development. Drawing from contemporary psychological understanding as well as ancient healing traditions, it provides simple methods for shifting the brain’s chemistry.

Guided by David Feinstein, one of the field’s most prominent leaders, you receive a hands-on introduction to energy psychology, mastering the basic principles and enough technique to immediately begin using energy psychology in your daily life. You learn how to:

Work with energy points on the skin to send signals that shift the electrical and chemical activity in your brain

Reduce the emotions that hold you back, including unwarranted fears, anger, anxiety, jealousy, shame, and depression

Rapidly uncouple undesired responses from their triggers

Receive internal support for moving forward according to your highest wisdom

This workshop is appropriate for health-care professionals who wish to introduce the approach into their practices as well as for laypeople who want to make positive psychological shifts in their inner lives.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be better able to:

  • Describe how tapping on acupuncture points is believed to reduce arousal in the amygdala.
  • Discuss considerations in selecting an appropriate target problem for acupoint tapping.
  • Demonstrate two ground and centering techniques for correcting Neurological Disorganization.
  • Discuss ways of identifying “Psychological Reversals”.
  • Demonstrate how to identify the “reminder phrase”.
  • Demonstrate how to get a SUD (Subjective Units of Distress) Rating.
  • Demonstrate how to formulate the “set-up phrase”.
  • Demonstrate a set of standard acupoint tapping locations used in energy psychology protocols.
  • Demonstrate the Integration Sequence or “9 Gamut”.
  • Discuss ways to identifying “Aspects” of the target problem that may be interfering with progress.
  • Discuss ways of addressing “Aspects” once they have been identified.
  • Discuss ways of insuring that progress translates to back home settings.
  • Discuss the empirical support for acupoint tapping.
  • Name two clinical conditions for which the efficacy of acupoint tapping protocols is supported by meta-analytic reviews.
  • Describe biological markers that change favorably after an acupoint tapping session.
  • Discuss when to follow the client’s lead and when to lead the client into new possibilities.

David Feinstein, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and international leader in the field of energy psychology. He has served on the faculties of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Antioch College, and the California School of Professional Psychology.

Feinstein is author of nine books and more than 100 professional papers. With his wife, Donna Eden, he is coauthor of The Promise of Energy Psychology and the New York Times best seller The Energies of Love. His books addressing consciousness and healing energy have won nine national awards, including the U.S. Book News’ Best Psychology/Mental Health Book of 2007.

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