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featured-writer-seal1The Problem with Money, It’s Not About the Money by Author Jane Honeck

32-The Problem with Money bookJane Honeck’s unique approach, refined over years of working with clients one-on-one and in group classes, is clearly presented in The Problem with Money? It’s Not About the Money! It begins with identifying money beliefs in seven key areas and exploring how they influence behavior in seven facets of our lives. Then it provides tools and techniques for gaining power over these beliefs so a change of financial behavior naturally emerges. Bringing the process full circle, it provides methods for identifying small, doable action steps that produce the profoundly positive benefits of being financially conscious.

Jane Honeck, CPA, PFS, PCC
For as long as I can remember I always wanted to make a difference in this world. And although I spent most of my career as a traditional financial consultant for individuals and businesses at the firm I founded (Honeck-O’Toole Certified Public Accountants) it always felt like there must be more than just working with numbers. Somehow I didn’t think Saint Peter (or whoever would meet me in the afterlife) was going to pat me on the back and say, “you did a nice tax return”. So during the years that I built my practice and my expertise, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I longed to find a place where I could make that difference. My clients assured me I was making a big difference in their lives but somehow I just couldn’t get past thinking that there had to be something bigger than helping people with their money. I continued searching and expanding my knowledge with personal workshops.

Eventually I found my way to the Empowerment Institute of New York , trained under empowerment pioneers, Gail Straub and David Gershon and became a Certified Empowerment Trainer. Finally, I found the way to merge the two sides of my life and I understood what I was meant to do. Understanding that our unexamined beliefs are the root of our dysfunctional behavior I developed new money programs to help my clients understand why their thinking keeps them stuck and how to turn that thinking around. These programs combined my extensive money management experience with my in-depth awareness of human consciousness.

I knew teaching the mechanics of money wasn’t enough to help people change; I had seen the results (or lack thereof ) for years. Now I knew the solution was in understanding why. Recognizing the importance of this work, I wrote my award-winning and internationally published book, The Problem With Money? It’s Not About the Money! Mastering the Unexamined Beliefs that Drive Our Financial Lives.

I deepened my knowledge of human behavior and the change process through various programs at the Gestalt International Study Center in Cape Cod and became a GISC Certified Coach as well as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am currently a Professional Associate at the Center.

My extended family keeps my life full. With three sons of my own, four step-children and eight step-grandchildren, there are always plenty of life’s lessons and opportunities. I live with my husband Wayne  in Freeport, Maine where I work as a Money Coach, Personal Financial Specialist and CPA.


I learned two things from the people and companies I worked with as a traditional CPA for over 30 years:

  1. People work hard to do the “right” thing with money.
  2. The right thing with money causes great concern, frustration and stress for people.

I learned two important things from my own personal journey:

  1. There is no “right” way to do anything; there is only what works for me.
  2. We all do the best we can at all times.

I sensed that in spite of my clients’ great intentions and my great advice, we were both frustrated. The old way of working with money, just didn’t work precisely for the four reasons stated above. This book is my attempt to bring some light to the real problem with money. It’s my attempt to explore the psychological side of money—something relatively new when I wrote it 5 years ago.

So, my book doesn’t give you any answers. Rather, it gives you lots of food for thought. It asks you to understand why you do what you do with money. It gives you permission to be your own expert as you to uncover the beliefs that are the underpinnings of your financial world.

My book doesn’t have any numbers, just page numbers. So, it’s not as difficult or scary as other financial “how to” books can be. This is the first step. Working with numbers comes after you’ve built a firm foundation. Going straight to the numbers is why good intentions didn’t last and past approaches didn’t succeed.

Finally, my book is easy to read but difficult to process. Readers tell me, “I didn’t know I’d have to go back to therapy” or “I stayed awake all night thinking about it” and “it was tough, but it changed my life!”

It’s not for the faint of heart. But I’m told it’s worth the effort. I hope you think so too.

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