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Wendie Colter02-12-20 The Practical Path with Wendie Colter

Our health is priceless. And while everyone knows and understands the value of good health, the question remains: How do we best protect our health?

Well, in order to best protect our health, we must understand where we are healthy and well and where we are stressed, out of balance or challenged. Being truly healthy means being well in body, mind and spirit, which requires more than just an annual checkup from our doctor. It requires people like Medical Intuitive, Wendie Colter.

Medical Intuitives help physicians and other wellness providers determine the best course of action in treating their patients. This can save time, money and a heck of a lot of stress! Join Lora as she and Wendie talk about all things wellness and health related and learn how medical intuition might be right for you!

Wendie Colter is a Certified Medical Intuitive (CMIP), Certified Energy Healing Practitioner, and Certified Transformational Coach (CEG) and is the founder and CEO of The Practical Path. She presents unique programs and workshops that use effective energy balancing and intuition skills, fused with proven paradigm-shifting awareness tools, which create powerful, lasting results for clients, patients and practitioners. Her accredited certification program, Medical Intuitive Training™, has been pivotal in helping nurses, doctors, psychologists, therapists, energy workers, and health professionals from every holistic, integrative and allopathic discipline, access and fine-tune their innate intuitive abilities, and integrate them into their practices.

Actively involved in spiritual studies and the human potential movement from a young age, Wendie’s commitment to the deeper awareness and understanding of the metaphysical balance between mind, body and spirit is evident in her caring and insightful consultations, and her transformative programs and workshops.

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