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11-16-22 The Mystical Heart of Christ

Once we let our whole heart and mind say; Of ourselves, we can do nothing, but in God everything is possible, then it opens our hearts, expands our awareness beyond words and beyond something that we can’t put the finger on.

With this constant expansion, in trust and in faith, we realize that all symbols are used by the spirit and by Christ to guide us into a direct experience of living in Christ, forever guided to expand, forever guided in this ever-lasting ever-expanding happiness and joy that keeps growing. You don’t need to do anything. You don’t need to know anything. We can give all our trust and faith to be guided in the moment. It is like a broadcast from the spirit; Receive and follow me and be happy. There is a plan for us, so loving, that says; Your perspective on your life and your problems doesn’t matter. I’m going to wash them all away, day by day. We’re all called to share in His plan.

Enjoy David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu’s opening session for this monthly Tabula Rasa weekend online retreat with the topic ‘The Mystical Heart of Christ’.

You can watch the beginning of the session on YouTube.

Here the entire session:

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