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The Menu, author Steven ManchesterFrom bestselling storyteller Steven Manchester comes a soul-awakening novel about love, faith and family. During Phinn Reed’s romantic quest, he discovers that even through great suffering and loss, he is never alone—not ever—and that we are all eternally connected.

“If you liked The Shack, then The Menu is a must read!” – John Lansing, Bestselling Author

Phinn Reed enters the world with God’s promise of finding his soul mate. With heaven’s memories erased, his romantic quest teaches him that the heart often sees clearer than the eyes—and that not everyone has ordered the same items from The Menu. This inspirational novel is heartfelt evidence that love stories come in many different forms.


“Congratulations on The Menu. I wish you all the best with it. Continue to use your gifts to glorify God!” – Matthew West, Christian Singer/Songwriter, Mended

“Steven Manchester’s The Menu is an inspirational tale that proves love can come in many different forms. Poignant and heartfelt, The Menu teaches us that the heart often sees clearer than the eyes. I highly recommended it!” – Betty J. Eadie, #1 NYT & International Bestselling Author, Embraced by the Light

“Why are we here on earth? What happens when we die? And where is God? These are humankind’s most important and enduring questions. The Menu brings a fresh and exciting perspective to these ancient questions. Consistent with what I’ve found in my near-death experience research, this book presents very real and powerfully inspiring messages about human life and the glorious afterlife. This outstanding book is well written and enthusiastically recommended.” – Dr. Jeffrey Long, NYT Bestselling Author, Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences

“The Menu is a tender parable of love, loss, faith, skepticism, and the results of getting what we ask for. In the masterful hands of Steven Manchester, the story soars with inspiration, while remaining beautifully rooted in the fierce challenges of everyday life. The Menu is the perfect book to share with a friend. Bravo!” – Anne Hillerman, NYT Bestselling Author, Cave of Bones

“Steven Manchester wields the pen of a poet. With vivid scene settings and believable dialogue spoken from unforgettable characters that jump right off the page, The Menu is a page-turner that kept me up late into the night!” – Dannion Brinkley, NYT & International Bestselling Author, Saved by the Light and Peace in the Light

“In The Menu, Steve Manchester writes a personal development book disguised as a novel. In it, he gives us the keys to love, happiness, and life purpose. Steve grabs your attention in the first chapter and draws you in, as he both eloquently and effortlessly teaches his readers about love and struggle through the lives of Phinn and Maddie. I want ALL my friends and loved ones to read The Menu.” – Bearj Jehanian, Author of Break Down the Walls to Success and America’s #1 Transformational Speaker and Trainer

“I loved The Menu. This beautifully written book about life’s challenges, love and soulmates is a real gem. Guaranteed to evoke many emotions, it will make you smile and make you cry, but it will also uplift you with its deep spiritual wisdom. Steven Manchester is a very gifted author.” – Dr. Penny Sartori, International Bestselling Author, The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences

“Steven Manchester writes like Nicholas Sparks on steroids The Menu serves up a unique, uplifting tale of both first and second chances and the role fate plays in all of our lives. Manchester pulls out all the stops in taking us on a spiritual journey that proves anything is possible when love is involved. This is storytelling of the highest order, as eye-opening as it is mind-bending.” – Jon Land, USA Today Bestselling Author, Murder, She Wrote series

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