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Julia Keys and Jacqueline Coles06-16-22 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Julia Keys and Jacqueline Coles authors of The MANscript will share how finding out about her famous husband having an affair with a friend of her daughters while devastating was a way for her to identify her own inner strength and find a way to master her emotions. Julia author of The MANscript will share learning about the affair of her husband Richard Keys which was even harder for her and the family as he was a celebrity and it was in the tabloids and the aftermath that followed. The ordeal tore Julia and her family apart and Julia and her friend Jacqui both nurses and counselors created the book The MANscript which outlines what men say and do when they are caught cheating so that women can identify it. We will learn essential information on dealing with emotions and how to make the best decisions for the future after a hurtful situation.

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