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04-28-23 The Magic of Relationships #2: Practical Tools for Creating, Healing and Transforming Them

We have seen how a lack of close relationships creates some diseases, exacerbates others, and can shorten our lives. We have experienced the quality of Love that is at the basis of all truly functional relationships.

This presentation will explore the most powerful understandings and the most effective tools for transforming relationships. The mindfulness techniques and the guided imagery will apply to all relationships, from the most personal ones at home to the more formal ones at work or out in the world.

You will learn the SAD system of peacefully and sensitively resolving situations in which another’s words or actions have caused hurt, fear, anger, or other upset in you. Usually, we avoid discussing such situations because they feel like conflicts. Most of us are afraid of conflict, or we are inept at transforming conflict into deeper understanding, closer relationships, and more Love. Actually, conflict is a beautiful thing. In fact, most of our most valuable learnings in life begin with conflicts, the solution of which yields the greatest treasures and the closest friends.

You will also learn how to transform a discussion that is basically a debate into a conversation that is a dialog, a communicative process in which people with different viewpoints seek mutual understanding, engaging each other in light of their different views and reaching toward that mutual understanding.

“My 50 years of experience as a physician studying the holistic approach to medicine and healing, have convinced me that our medical system is not focused on healing our bodies, minds, emotions, and behaviors. Instead, its primary focus is to charge the highest possible prices for delivering symptomatic relief. (Note: I am speaking of the system, not the doctors). Its goal is to treat the symptoms of our illnesses, not the source of our illnesses.” 

― Emmett Miller, MD 

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