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Devrah-The Magic DoorwayDevrah’s book is a spiritual non-fiction work that has been referred to as, “a road map of the spiritual journey”. At the age of twenty-nine, Devrah had a miraculous healing take place after having a direct enlightenment experience of the Truth to the age-old question, “Who Am I?” At that time in her life, she was a model and had many opportunities opening up before her. But after this profound and transformative experience, she instead endeavoured to integrate and deepen this experience into her everyday living with the intention of being of service to others. In the years to follow, she studied with many Spiritual Masters and people naturally began to gravitate to her for guidance, counselling and inspiration. She has been a teacher, facilitator and spiritual counsellor over the past twenty-five years. She has also spent over 16 years studying with the same Guru as referred to in Eat, Pray, Love by Liz Gilbert. The premise of the book is that one can take any experience in life and use it as a doorway to experience one’s own divinity. It takes the reader along on her journey, which is really no different from our own journeys only it is shared from a perspective of honesty and vulnerability wherein her longing to know the truth in every situation clears a path that we all can then traverse to find our own truth. It is essentially a book on modern day mysticism or “Yoga in action” wherein one can learn to transmute the baser emotions into love, compassion and ultimately to experience our Oneness with all things. Is this not the Union that Yoga refers to? This book is profoundly personal, inspirational and instructive.

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