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The Llove Llama Travels the 7 Continents: A fun and educational children’s book.
(Book 1 in The Llove Llama & Friends series)

Join The Llove Llama as she explores each of the seven continents looking for her new best friend in her amazing adventure around the world! Learn world geography, navigation, friendship, and much more! The Llove Llama Travels the 7 Continents includes a traceable map of the continents, discussion questions, and animal facts & photos!

Each friend that Llove meets on her world adventure has their own story to tell in these follow-up books, and each book teaches children different important lessons about both geography and character strengths.

Don’t miss the next books in THE LLOVE LLAMA AND FRIENDS SERIES!

  • Ned the Narwhal voyages the 5 oceans learning lessons along the way.
  • Bob the Sloth finally gets moving and discovers the beauty of South America.
  • Donut the Dingo Dog takes a walk around Australia and explores the Great Outback.
  • Charli the Cheetah races through the vast land of Africa meeting new animals.
  • Ruby the Red Panda discovers the unique wonders of Asia.
  • Peppermint the Penguin teaches the world about Antarctica’s environmental concerns.
  • Brave Feather the Owl flies about Europe experiencing new cultures and people.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or another adult with small children in your life, you won’t want to miss sharing these books with them!

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