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Winner of the Indie Next Generation award for best book series! In a distortion of the creation, souls have entered where they should not tread. Their light bodies assume forms both beautiful and familiar and grotesque and unknown in the present age. The earth has become the playground of dreaming gods, but now the dreamers have been mastered by their own creations.

Trapped in mortal flesh, their incomparable civilization is divided between those who have succumbed to every earthly sin and those who maintain the memory of their divine genesis. The great empire of Artalanta now descends into wars of dominion as the Children of the Law of One battle the deviant Sons of Belial for mastery of the world. The thrilling conclusion to The First Souls Trilogy relates the titanic struggle of the human spirit to regain its lost paradise.

The valiant Avarna, the tragic Empress Amliea and her sister Terselia, the mysterious, godlike Amilius and other cardinal souls gather around the wavering imperial throne of Artalanta at the outbreak of a vicious civil war that may doom their earthly empire but give birth to humanity.

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