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05-31-17   The Inward Journey

The ego in us always wants to see the cause of our problems as outside of ourselves and beyond our ability to change. But truth would teach that the cause of everything we perceive is within our own mind and nowhere else. The violence we perceive in the world needs to be healed within our own mind. The sickness we perceive needs to be healed within our own mind. Every issue we seem to have or perceive in others, whether it is repressed sexuality, social issues, money problems, or political issues can only be healed in one place… within our own mind. How? As we learn to relinquish our identification with the ego’s way of thinking, and learn to think with the Spirit instead, our mind remembers the truth and no longer feels a need to project the belief in separation. The more we can identify our unconscious beliefs and release them, the clearer our channel to Source becomes, allowing us to remember our unity with God.

This recording of David Hoffmeister took place in April 2017 during the Going Deeper retreat in Utah.

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